Illustrative Constraints to the Provision and Use of Business Solutions

Demand-Side Problems (User Constraints)

  • Users lack information about available solutions
  • Users are unable to effectively identify their business problems.
  • Users do not have the capacity to pay for solutions up front
  • Users are risk averse to trying solutions.
  • Users do not see the value of existing or proposed solutions
  • Users want solutions packaged together

Supply-Side Problems (Provider Constraints)

  • Solutions lack the benefits and features that users want
  • Providers are risk averse to targeting new users, such as women or microenterprises
  • Providers lack information about the users of their services and solutions
  • Providers do not fully understand the cost/benefit of the solutions they provide
  • Providers lack business or technical skills
  • There is insufficient demand for their solutions (users do not recognize the value)
  • Variable quality of solutions harms the reputation of good providers 
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