AFE at Work

Training Programs

AFE channels the practical experience of its program design and implementation activities into its training programs. These trainings allow practitioners to understand market dynamics, identify major constraints and opportunities, and promote sustainable market-based solutions to identified constraints.

One of its workshops, entitled “Value Chain Program Design: Promoting Market-Based Solutions for Micro, Small, and Medium-scale Enterprises” presents tools and methodologies that combine the strengths of value chain analysis with methods for identifying commercially viable solutions that promote enterprise and industry competitiveness. AFE is currently developing a complementarity training programs entitled “Working with Lead Firms in Value Chains” that will focus even more on operational strategies and tools for working with market actors to achieve sustainable impact for the poor.

AFE has conducted more than 50 workshops, in twenty countries, for over 1,000 participants worldwide. Participants include representatives of consulting firms, NGOs, donors, and development projects. The content is regularly updated to reflect participant feedback as well as the latest tools and knowledge in the field of enterprise development.

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