Building the Capacity of Development Organizations

AFE uses the tools, skills, and knowledge generated through its field programs to build the technical capacity of development organizations (DOs) to work more effectively as they transition to market development and value chain methodologies. Using a hands-on approach, AFE provides the following types of assistance:

Technical support for project implementers and senior management to enable them to successfully design and implement value chain and market development programs. Particular capacity building themes include:

  • Roles and responsibilities of projects in implementing value chain/facilitative approaches, including the difference between direct provision of support and facilitative market development
  • Tools and guidelines for program design, implementation and performance evaluation.
  • Case studies on companies that invest in and engage in mutually supportive relations with small-scale producers

Technical support to assist development organizations and projects to:

  • Design new programs and reorient existing programs in line with value chain and market development approaches
  • Develop staff roles and responsibilities in line with new project strategies
  • Reorient organizations to be more supportive of facilitation approaches
  • Develop and incorporate market development performance indicators
  • Communicate shift in roles and objectives of project to stakeholders (target producers, other value chain actors, donors, etc.)
  • Provide on-going technical support in implementing activities, assessing outcomes and developing new activities
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