Caribbean & Central Europe


Value Chain Analysis and Private Sector Integration: AFE provided long-term technical support to PFD's enterprise development program in Bosnia. Previously, AFE conducted a value chain analysis of non-timber forest products (NTFP) to help PFD to integrate its commercial buying operations into the private sector. Recommendations included the privatization of buying operations and their integration into four leading export/processor firms, resulting in greater sales for producers and a strengthened value chain in Central Bosnia. (2006, 2007 - 2008)

Value Chain Analysis of Fresh-Frozen Raspberries: AFE conducted an assessment of the raspberry sector in order to identify next steps for Partners for Development's (PFD) existing program with producers based in Central Bosnia. Through the analysis, potential market linkages and points of leverage with international exporting companies were identified. (2006)


Value Chain Selection and Program Design: AFE conducted a three-week value chain selection and program design exercise for staff of CHF International. Activities included an initial three-day workshop, followed by assessments of the medicinal herbs and aromatic plants and vegetables value chains. (2006)


Analysis and Design of Program to Support the Agricultural Inputs Value Chain: AFE analyzed the agricultural inputs value chain and designed a program to promote commercial distribution of improved varieties of maize and bean seed to local producers in the Central Plateau. (2007)

Assessment of Crafts Export Value Chain: AFE led a comprehensive value chain analysis of the crafts export in Haiti as part of its AMAP activities. (2006)

Capacity Building of Trade Association: AFE received a grant from the Innovation Grant Program of USAID’s Microenterprise Development Office to build the capacity of a Haitian association of garment producers to provide improved services and market access to 80 MSE members, representing 400 owners and employees. AFE worked with the association to develop its program of subcontracting large volume production contracts to its members, implement management training programs, develop a working board of directors, and put in place improved management information systems. These activities strengthened INDEPCO capacity to provide business services to its members, who enjoyed a 25% increase in revenues during the program period. Work resulted in subsequent $300,000 funding to local institution from the IDB. (1998 – 2000)

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