Value Chain Program Design: Promoting Market-Based Solutions for MSMEs*
(*Micro, small, and medium scale enterprise)

Action for Enterprise (AFE) is offering a series of three to five-day workshops that present the latest methodologies and practice for designing value-chain programs that incorporate strategies for sustainable impact. Participants will learn how to design programs that result in market-based solutions to MSME constraints such as market access, input supply, technology/product development, management training, policy reform, and access to finance. Examples will be used from enterprise development programs and practitioners worldwide. The training targets those who wish to improve their facilitation skills and design programs that respect the latest thinking in value chain and market development principles.

Participants will develop skills needed to:

  • Select value chains
  • Conduct value chain analysis / identify constraints and opportunities for growth and competitiveness
  • Identify and assess market-based solutions to address value chain constraints and promote market growth
  • Design program interventions that respect the latest market development principles and result in sustainable impacts
  • Monitor and evaluate program performance

For each of these program design steps, the AFE-led training team will present:

  • Latest tools, concepts, and best practices from the field of enterprise development
  • An exercise in which participants (in groups of 6 or less) apply the tools and concepts to a case study
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At the end of this process all groups will have designed a value chain-based MSME development program based on their case. This is a very practical, hands-on type of workshop designed to give participants “how to” skills. For that reason participation will be limited to 25 total participants. Given this limited space, it is important to register early.

Workshop Goal:

The main goal of the training is to build the capacity of MSME development specialists to design or improve value chain development programs that result in sustainable, market-based solutions, MSME impact, industry competitiveness, and program cost effectiveness.

Who Should Attend:

Participants who will benefit most from the training include:

  • Senior staff responsible for the design and/or implementation of enterprise development programs in developing economies
  • Technical experts and consultants who advise practitioners and donors on enterprise development activities
  • Those responsible for the oversight and evaluation of enterprise development programs

Staff from consulting firms, NGO’s, donor and government agencies are welcome. The training and all reading and presentation materials will be in English unless otherwise indicated.

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Past Workshops:

To date, AFE has conducted over 50 similar workshops in Afghanistan, Thailand, Vietnam, Senegal, Serbia, Kenya, Egypt, Ghana, Bangladesh, Germany, United Kingdom, and the U.S. for development professionals worldwide. Participants have come from local and international consulting firms, NGOs, business associations, government agencies, and donors. Examples of participant feedback include:

Excellent workshop - you have obviously put a lot of thought and effort into it and really know your stuff. I thought it was a very balanced mix of presentation, practice and well facilitated discussion. I have really had a lot of fun - learning things very applicable to my work and meeting lots of interesting people.

It was well organized. Big thanks to the facilitators. I liked the process and systematic way of organizing the training that was used.

The workshop has increased my confidence and will enable me to better implement my projects as well as develop new proposals.

It has been very helpful in developing my current enterprise development project with partner organizations. I have also enjoyed in working with small team (for group assignment) and learned lots from you.

About the Facilitators:

Since 1991, Action for Enterprise (AFE) has been a leader in the field of subsector and value chain development. To date, AFE has conducted training workshops for over 1,000 development professionals from 30 different countries. AFE has developed tools and methodologies that combine the strengths of value chain analysis with methods for identifying market solutions that promote MSME and industry competitiveness.

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